Coaching addresses Mental Issues of Covid 19

The current second wave of pandemic has affected a very major part of the humanity throwing life out of gears. The wave has witnessed high transmissibility of the Covid 19 virus. This has created a sense of fear and uncertainties. People are observing strict protocol so as not to get affected. This has thus resulted in their minds always occupied with the thought of Covid 19. At the same time those contracting Covid 19 have been affected physically, plus remaining in isolation for quite some time has brought some mental issues too. Although they are cured it has left them with a trauma as to how to go back to normal life to the time before contracting the disease. These two types of people, as a consequence, suffer from anxiety and mental issues. Human beings are resilient which enables them to overcome such anxieties and mental issues. However, only the strong and aware people are able to tide over the situation while others find it difficult to do so. This is mainly because they are not aware of the resilience as well as the potential within them. It is, therefore, necessary that these people are made aware of these aspects. Coaching enables people realise their potential and also the resilience in cases where therapy and counselling are not required. Grief, loss and pain can be supported through coaching. Coaching is not only for business goals, leadership themes etc. A coach is not expected to be expert or knowledgeable of the area of the coachee, rather the coach is supposed to be co-creative and full of empathy so as to enable the coachee to become self-aware by identifying her hidden potential to become a better human being full of energy and positivity.

4 thoughts on “Coaching addresses Mental Issues of Covid 19

  1. Great brief article, really capturing the state of mind of the large population and how they can overcome it.


  2. So rightly portrayed the difficult times people are going through and their emotional states. There is none other than coaches who can help during these trying times. Mental issues are not to be taken lightly anymore.


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